Funeral & Memorial Services

To schedule a service for a funeral or a memorial service, please contact the resident minister at (808) 625-0925.
For more information please contact Mililani Hongwanji Buddhist Temple.

Per Rev. Fujimoto's schedule and facility availability


Information from Mililani Hongwanji Membership Handbook

Bedside Service

"...originally established for a person approaching death to express his/her appreciation to Amida Buddha for the Nembutsu life. Family members and close friends gather at the bedside of this person, living or deceased, to express their gratitude to Amida Buddha for His Great Compassion. Today this service is usually held
 soon after death."

Wake Service

"Family members and close friends gather at the home or mortuary on the eve of the funeral to deepen their religious life through sharing with each other memories of the deceased, with or without the body or urn."

Cremation Service

"This service may be held before cremation of the body, for final viewing. A Buddhist Name is presented at this time."

Funeral Service

"The Funeral Service is a formal ceremony. Its purposes is four-fold:

 Gives people an opportunity to express their appreciation to the deceased, through the family.

 Gives the family an opportunity to express their appreciation to the public for their support during the lifetime of the deceased

c.To recognize death as a conclusion of this life.

d.To understand the transient nature of human existence, which is sustained by Amida Buddha's Compassion.The funeral service may be a private ceremony. 

Special Memorial Service (Misso)

"...held in special circumstances before the Funeral
 Service. It is usually held when a person dies away from home."

Appreciation Service

"This service is held at the temple, usually the day after the funeral. It acknowledges the family's appreciation to Amida Buddha, who embraces their loved one, and to the temple for the assistance provided in carrying out the funeral."

Memorial Services

"In Jodo Shinshu, we are given the assurance for Birth in Amida Buddha's Pure Land. In memory of the deceased, we gather for memorial services to express our gratitude for Amida's benevolent compassion. Memorial services become precious opportunities for family and friends to strengthen relationship and to deepen their understanding of life through the Jodo Shinshu teachings."

Niches for urns available at Mililani Hongwanji Buddhist Temple


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