Ceremonies & Rites

To schedule a service, please contact the resident minister at (808) 625-0925. For more information please contact Mililani Hongwanji Buddhist Temple.

Per Rev. Fujimoto's schedule and facility availability


Information from Mililani Hongwanji Membership Handbook

Engagement Ceremony

"A couple may have an informal ring ceremony before Amida Buddha either at home or at the temple with family and close friends witnessing it."

Wedding Ceremony

"A wedding ceremony is usually performed before an altar with the traditional wedding party in attendance and with family and friends witnessing the exchange of vows."

Home Altar Initiation

"When a family obtains a home altar, a service is held to welcome Amida Buddha into the home. This informal service is usually held at home."

Infant Initiatory Rite

"This first-visit ceremony is usually held on the 30th or 100th day after birth. This ceremony symbolizes the presentation of a newborn infant before the shrine of Amida Buddha in sharing of the joy with others, and in pledging before the Buddha to raise the child as a responsible Buddhist."

Affirmation Rite / Confirmation Rite

"This formal ceremony is the official admittance into the Buddhist Sangha and of receiving the Dharma name. When this ceremony is officiated by the Bishop, it is called the Affirmation Rite. When officiated by the Monshu, it is called Confirmation Rite."